Final cut

This is our final cut of ‘Secrets’ by state Champs

We tweaked our video from our first cut to what is shown here, we have changed some effects to relate to our genre better, we have also made the lip syncing more accurate and the final thing we did was make the cuts between the narrative and band shots less obvious, this is to help the video flow more without sharp interruptions and changes on screen.



My Group

My group for my A2 media coursework is called Pyramid Entertainment, the group is made up of four people; myself, Edward Masters, Fraser Bishop and Liam Acornley.

My Candidate number is; 3330

My centre number is; 69559



#4 Evaluation – How I used media technologies in the construction, planning and evaluation stages.

Here is a vlog of the technology I used throughout completing my A2 media coursework;

I decided to create a vlog because I feel it offers a more visual way of delivering important information as well as showing images of the different forms of technology used. I made the vlog using iMovie, then uploaded it to YouTube. It was the last thing that had to be done for my coursework as I needed to ensure I had covered all the different forms of technology used in every part of my media coursework.

To edit my final production, we used a mac book pro and final cut, we used a canon EOS 6D camera, to share the videos to gain audience feedback, I shared the video on Facebook and YouTube, I used prezi to complete certain ancillary tasks and I used my iPhone 6 and imovie to create some vlogs and other videos, the final form of technology I used was WordPress, this is the main site where all my work has been published – I have used a wide range of publishing techniques to try and make my blog look eye catching and interesting.

When I started doing the coursework, I didn’t think that I would learn to use a wide range of technological devices and apps, throughout the process, I learnt how to use iMovie and prezi as well and creating a vlog. Once I completed all of the tasks, I feel that I have learnt a lot and I feel more confident using a wide range of apps and feel that I can produce media in a variety of ways to show my skills through technology – which is another reason why I created this vlog.

#3 Evaluation – What I’ve learnt from audience feedback

I posted my video on YouTube as well as Facebook, I did this because posting it on YouTube will allow a wider audience to view the video and be able to like and comment if they wish in comparison to Facebook where only my friends can watch, like and leave feedback for me to work off.

I have learnt that audience feedback is key because they are the audience and the one we aim to enthrall and keep happy. I have also learnt that I need to look at negative comments a bit closer and try to adapt things in order to suit everyone.

On YouTube the video was viewed 310 times, these viewers came from all over the world including Japan and Australia, this shows me how far our video has been spread and that the audiences that have watched it will all have different views upon it, we gained one comment saying ‘gooooooooddd’ from someone, however we didn’t gain any other feedback which would have been greatly appreciated and useful to work from.The screenshot below shows the amount of views we gained.

youtube feedback

I shared my video on my Facebook profile and asked for both positive and negative feedback, I gained good feedback from other media students as well as people who have no interest in media but some interest in the genre pop punk. Facebook doesn’t state how many people viewed my video, however I gained 14 likes which i will take as a positive and 6 comments – which are shown below; I have revised all the comments and have learnt from the negative ones such as “Bit repetitive” and appreciated the positive ones “Really nice editing and camera shots!”

facebook feedbakc

I gained feedback from my class aswell – shown below:

#1 Evaluation – Uses, challenges and forms of media

Here are 9 key shots which I think use/develop/challenge forms and conventions of a real media product;


Image 1: This shows the narrative part of the music video, with Charlie (the lead singer) walking into the distance, there are two scenes in the music video and throughout the video, it jumps between the narrative – about Charlie (image 1) cheating on Grace (image 3) with Ciara (image 5) The narrative part is about a ‘secret’ relationship between Ciara and Charlie – linking to the name of the song.

Image 2: Shows a close up of Charlie singing, this is a typical shot in a pop punk music video, as it gives you a close up of the singers face, meaning that you can see exactly how they look and also gives some audience members a buzz.

Image 3: A close up of Grace, this is during the part when Charlie is talking to Grace, this is a common theme in music videos  – about relationship problems and people cheating secretly, we felt this was an appropriate narrative to include in our video.

Image 4: A shot of Grace and Charlie arguing, the secret may have been spilt, this is very common to see in certain genres’ of music especially pop punk, this is the reason we included this – in order to relate to our genre well whilst using a narrative.

Image 5: A still of Ciara and Charlie hugging, it shows the intimate side of a relationship, what the narrative is focused on, this is a shot that explains a lot but through one image, the music video jumps between the 2 scenes fairly frequently this is because we wanted to have a narrative as well as including lip and band syncing – making it more relevant to our genre.

Image 6: A close up of Fraser on the kit, this is a very key picture as it shows the enthusiasm as well as showing off the costume and theme well, Fraser is a very good bass player and played in sync with the music, this gave off a good vibe and it also linked in well with the plot – using different camera angles and different filters and effects.

Image 7: An over the shoulder shot of Charlie and Ciara hugging, this makes Grace upset, this is the main narrative of the ‘Secret’ we used an over the shoulder shot to make it feel more realistic and see the shot from Grace’s point of view.

Image 8: Band shots are very important, this is similar to the image we used on our advert and digipak, this is a good still as it relates to other aspects of media like the advert and helps people to recognise the video and adverts, the shot is quite common showing the whole band and this is an important shot as it allows everyone to be recognised in their area (playing the kit or guitar for example.)

Image 9: The final shot – it is a very important shot, this is because it is the final one, it shows Grace very upset after seeing Charlie with Ciara, the secret is over as well as the song, this shot is a very good shot because it shows Grace’s emotions and shows the ending shot, which leaves the audience with a clear idea of what happened.

#6 & 7 Advert – Final advert

Below is my final product of my advert, I have looked at all the feedback and adapted some parts, I feel that the advert is eye catching as well as relating well to the music video and the genre.

I used the colours and fonts that I did as I spent a fair amount of time researching and testing the colours and fonts and found that the red and beige colours worked well on the black background and really stood out.

Digipak poster

#5 Advert – Feedback from advert

Below is a screen shot of my advert with feedback from Facebook, it contains both positive and negative feedback which is crucial, I have read over their comments and have tried to adapt the poster as best as I can. I got a couple of likes on the post – which I will take as positive feedback.

I also got some verbal feedback:

A teacher: “I really like it, it suits the genre well and is very eye catching, perhaps you could cover the whole area with the photo?”

A friend: “Awesome work – I think it is very eye catching and pop punk is my favorite genre and this really fits in well with what I know about pop punk!


#4 Advert – advert mock up

Below is a sample of my advert, I feel that it is going to be similar to my finished product, this is because I have heard positive feedback, however  still need to add in the release date and company names which would sell the music such as Apple and Spotify.

I feel the colours I have used are relevant to the Pop Punk genre and they also link in well with my digipak, I have inverted the image on the poster to make it more attractive and eye catching to audience members.

Digipak poster sample

#3 Advert – Flat plan of my advert

This is my flat plan for my advert, I have got an image similar to the drawing of the band members standing with their back to the camera, this creates a pop punk feel, I am also going to use inverted colours on the photo to create a more attractive effect, the text I will use will be different colours to attract people and I will also publish the release date and where the single will be available to listen/download.IMG_4271

#2 Advert – Importance of advertisment

Printed adverts are very important as they draw attention to your music. However they are not as important as they were, this is because of the advance in digital technology such as Facebook and other forms of social media – the cheaper way to promote a product.

Album/artist adverts used to be found in magazines and newspapers or pinned to walls now however, the sales of magazines and newspapers have decreased as it is all available for less money online and can be accessed more easily.

Many of the A4 paper ads (similar to what we have to create) would be found in magazines, papers, as flyers or pinned to walls and since the general sales of magazines and papers  have decreased, these are less common.
Something like the ad below are more common now and found across social media and online newspapers and magazines.
lorde poster
Now though, however, even though magazines are still sold, musicians invest less in magazine advertising, as there are less people to see the advert, therefore not as much revenue would be generated from placing an advert (which isn’t cheap) into a magazine, this is why musicians focus more on advertising through online media and create a page on Facebook and share dates for gigs and other information that would attract the public.